10 January 2006

The point, after all

For a brief moment I felt guilt at not keeping up with this visible journal. However, the purpose of it was to document progress, and despite my string of absences lately, I have been making progress.

The second of the grab-bag sock has progressed through half of the leg.

I started a hasty niece poncho for the daughter of dear friends of mine. She said her favorite color is black. She's all of 9. I found Tessin, a black with bright multi-color blips twisted throughout. It's washable enough for her mom, black enough to the request, with enough color to keep her from looking depressing. And as I'm knitting it on big old bubble gum pink 10mm pony pearl needles, it's an amusing contrast from the sock knitting.

Oh, right. And I've cast on a pair of self-striping socks for myself. If I keep them, that is. I made plans to give away the last pair of self-stripers before I'd finished the first leg.

I think I have something in my else in my knitting bag for this week's excursion out of town. A boucle. 200 yards. I don't think I took a photo of it - colorway is outrageous, and that sounds like I typed up a mention of it. Oh well. Knitting is more important than photos for the time being. This is about a scarf amount, and it is soft as can be. Debating whether to play with multidirectional squares or something more drapey. Will have to see what it wants to be.

I'm going to have to NOT look for yarn shop information for my out of town location. I coaxed myself into not shopping last week, since I'd placed an unlikely order from a year end sale. It arrived this week. Bigger than a breadbox? Bigger than my vintage microwave! I've ogled but not taken it home.

Okay. I have two hours of work I want to do and half an hour of work I can do before I'm on the road again and off to a theatre fest. I'll have knitting to amuse me while I'm between events. Progress report when I return.

The progress and the process are, after all, the point.

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