17 January 2006

A necessary bandwagon

Witness it here. I'm about to jump on a knitting bandwagon.

I left the cats unattended a little longer than is my habit. I had the lovely new fountain and the gravity-operated food dispenser in place. All had worked for the holidays, for another weekend away, and this was the third departure. I worried a bit. Senior kitty is about 15 years old. However, this year has been personally taxing (their own lives, that is) for several friends on my rotation of cat caregivers, so I thought I'd not ask more of them.

When I came home from this third absence, I held my breath (as I now do) to be sure two cats come to the door to meet me. I was met by indignant scolds from senior Miss Thing and some New Invented Fun: someone had discovered the swinging door to the kitchen.

Mind, we've lived here a fair bit, and to be truthful, I don't know if somecat has already done this trick for the cat sitters. The upshot was that one cat was on one side of the door - no food, no water - and the other cat was on the opposite side - food and water but no litter. And who could tell exactly when this happened - the morning of my return or the day after I left?

I looked about the dainty kitchen for the mess I needed to clean. No mess?!? Why, no, the delicate and resourceful tom had pried open the wastecan-style lid of the food container and had used the kibble as litter. I kid you not.

So the cats are looking at me with a great deal of those "aren't we pathetic" glances. I anthropomorphize. Furthermore, they've been on top of me and up against me every moment I've been home, and in the tightest corners between me and other parts of furniture. And in shoeboxes, lately.

It's time for knitting some kitty pi beds. There's stuff in the stash. And the cats deserve it. Of course I'll have to figure out some clever way to do the fulling, what with current reliance on laundromats. However, limitations be damned: there are pathetic cats to be pampered.

Bandwagon kerplunk!

PS. This is also part of my necessary nesting campaign. Also on the docket: curtains for the bedroom so I can read in bed without being peered at from across the courtyard. Currently there's a degree of privacy, but the standard issue miniblinds don't cut it for me. I do a lot of lights-off changing.

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