20 January 2006

Happy Middles

I'm in the middle. There's no denying it.

I'm old but not.

I'm back in town but not fully unpacked.

There are pics in the camera, but the camera's no here.

I have 5 things on the needles but I really want to work on the 6th quick knit project that I started just for me. Might as well BE in the middle of more.

And as much as I think I might be able to carry off the assymmetrical corrugated rib in the Teva Durham, I'm just not sure. I may be too old.

I'm frogging the start (despite last night's contented approval of the swatch) and moving on to the quick knit that I found in a back issue of VK with the nice red v neck, the big clean cable. I'll be doing something different with the designer's kid feather weight ruffle at the hem and cuffs.

I can still do a nice v and a bit of a flare (and a bit of flair!), but assymmetrical AND chunky AND offbeat colors? (Yes, I found some Rowan Plaid locally at half price. I caved.) I'm too {(old)}.

Eek. Happy Middle-Aged Day to me! There shall be wine and dine and knit. Still chunky and fun but maybe not TOO off beat here in the middle.

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