28 January 2006

Hot Water Bottle Happiness

This December saw the demise of my faithful red hot water bottle. It had to have been 15 years plus. The rubber gave out. Fortunately the water disaster was in the kitchen, after filling, rather than in the bed! But do you think I could find a replacement? I ended up caving and purchasing a microwavable bag with a stretchy interfacing-type fabric with a strip of hook & loop tape for closure. Not fully satisfactory, although I have worn it around my head on a dismal sinus day or two this week.

After seeing a post at yarnstorm, I was determined to try again to find one. My local family pharmacist (whose store is quite anti-chain, I should mention) was delighted to hop to and seek one out for me. They found two. I was torn. Red economy with a 10 year warranty or for 3 dollars more an awful tan with a lifetime warranty. I left aesthetics at the door and plunked down the extra 3.

So now....where does one find a pattern for KNITTING a COVER? I'm forever using a towel wrapped around it. Something to look for in weeks to come. Years to come - it is a hot water bottle with a lifetime!

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