22 August 2005

Taking requests

I had the second person in two days ask me, with enthusiasm, if I might teach them to knit. I'm developing a fairly simple theory about knitting's popularity. It's not as simple as trend appeal. The heightened visibility of knitting makes it seem more attainable. I used to hear far more people say "I couldn't do that." (Of course, that popped up today, too, but I cheerfully let her off the hook, assuring her that I was probably taking care of her yarn consumption allotment.)

I also think it's like a string around the finger. While the might-be-knitter isn't wearing the reminder, she or he is seeing MANY more people with strings on their fingers as reminders of what's on the life's to-do list.

Happy to help.

And now I'm off to watch a Jane Austen film. I have my knitting. Will be ready to take requests, if there's another incipient knitter present -- but not for the finished product.

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