19 August 2005

Knitty SP4 - August Splendor

Mittenfarce is a kind and generous soul.  It's been such fun visiting with her through the course of this event.  And in this sunrise photo, you may spy a bit of the splendor she sent. 

Starting from the lower left corner and working counter-clockwise:  Habu Paper Moire, handspun alpaca, Malabrigos merino, a rustic and decadent block of artisan soap, a package of tasty looking mix for beer bread (for which she covertly advised me yesterday to pick up a little Goose Island Summer Ale - which I did), a tube of rich hand cream, and a wine cozy she made.  I haven't had anyone knit anything for me since grandma knit slippers and mittens for little girls.
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The beautiful soap block is very French, you know. You can almost spy some of the print here. Beautiful from all sides - and I was just about to go browsing the fine soap counter, too.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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