23 August 2005

Choices, choices, choices

Planning to plan the designated project for BWV 96. That's cantata speak for the specific cantata that's up next. Seems they were numbered and catalogued. Bet Bach as today's knitter would have his stash catalogued and computerized. He certainly frogged plenty of his previous works and worked them up into new ones. (Sorry. Carried away. Bach jokes made with knitting references are a bad sign. Must be time to leave.)

There's a morning star thing (no it's not that morning star tune or lyric). Colors. Motifs. Maybe.
I do have some newly gifted Malabrigos in Paris Nights.

Green's the color of the season, and I have lovely green potential projects in the stash. However, that's too liturgical for me. The red sock thing, fine.

Or there's the mathematical possibility of something with 96 stitches - or a 96 stitch repeat before borders/selvages. Could work. 96 is good.

This post is no good to anyone. This is, however, a log. I will capture this feeble planning moment until I'm ready to delete it.

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