19 August 2005

Get Ready to Rumble!

This fine repro poster art postcard was at the top of the grand box of goodies from Mittenfarce.

And how fitting it was ....
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I took out the loosely crumpled newsprint which cushioned the top of the box. Dropped the paper unceremoniously in a heap. Into the room bounced the not very often so bouncy anymore Miss Imogene. Her 14-year-old sedate, spoon-while-you-knit demeanor was replaced by a vigorous display of hunting, rustling and wrestling with paper. Pictures? What kind of self-respecting cat companion and digital dabbler would I be if there were no pictures?

However, I tried to post this once already. (You should have read the first version!) Productive phone calls timed me out. I may have to post the gratuitous kitty photos tomorrow.

So yes, even the kitties were delighted by the box. Oohing, aahing, laughter, and a great kitty rumble.

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