10 June 2005

Summertime and knitter's away from the keyboard

I've been nicely productive, and I'm just not writing about it like a well-behaved knitting blogger. Photos've been taken, but it'll take me longer to download and post them than I want to spend on this Friday afternoon when I could be on my way home to my lovely productive trends.

I've finished the Bach socks, or will have once I graft the second toe. Imogene, the textiles cat, promptly claimed them by napping on them while I went to get the camera.
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I wove the last ends into the black boucle swing jacket and finished the i-cord. Must sew on the buttonloop cord and the buttons and lightly block the seams.

Sailed away on Cambio, past the beading and onto the body.
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Cut out a baby quilt for former students who had a daughter recently. Was going to use a few of the extra blocks for another student's baby but hesitated continuing last night and set up the stacks for sewing the first one.

Was saddened to learn today of the passing of her poor, early little boy, just this week. I can only imagine her grief.

Think I'll just go home. Sewing and knitting seem more appealing just now.

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