29 June 2005

Chocolate Banana frozen pops

I have to report today's frozen treat experiment. My sp had sent a container of mexican chocolate. I decided to double the recommended choc. amount so they'd be extra fudge-a-licious.

Heated 2 c. milk (soy today, because I'm on a fridge emptying mission), added 8 wedges chocolate, whomped in blender. Changed clothes. Soothed minor scalds. Cleaned the complete mess I made when I forgot to take out the center of blender lid and hot steamy milk and choc bits exploded everywhere.

Chilled the hot choc. Returned chilled choc. milk (remember, doubled choc.) to blender with 2 frozen bananas. Poured into pop molds, yogurt containers, tiny solo sauce containers with lids until I ran out of mixture.

Even though I knew they wouldn't be ready until later, I ate one tiny sampler container after it'd been in the freezer for a couple hours. Semi-freddo something or other.

It was pretty knee-weakening. I can't wait to have one this evening. I will, however, change out of my white shirt before I eat it. I couldn't bear to have two sets of chocolate spattered garments in one day.

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