30 June 2005

Knitty SP4 - Sleek & Classic, in Blacks and Whites

Meet the fine package, from left to right.

The Brunswick Patterns are a pamphlet I believe I coveted madly during the 70's. It's quite familiar, yet I don't have it with any of my knitting.

The Jack Frost sock patterns really are for two needles.At first glance, I thought it was a strange way to identify needle size. (Many of the first patterns are done on size 2's.)The patterns really do call for a pair, though. Fancy doing some seam stitching along the bottom of the foot and up through the back of the leg? Nor I. I think they'll be quite adaptable to knitting with dpn or circ. Lots of variety. I will be trying one soon.

The large black BagSmith Needle Case Portfolio was empty for about an hour.  Once home and cats fed, the case was filled. You'll see below.

Sitting atop the needle case is a classy little tin of postcards - all reproduced vintage maps. I'll make great use of those. And I would be the sort to travel with the tin.

Below Ms. BagSmith is a handstitched notebook of natural toned ricepaper.  Stunning.  Is the fine SP a paper artist, to boot?  She clearly has a fine eye.

This was a wonderful set of treats.  Really.  The more I think about starting again to find, make, or find a substitute for the aran sweater pattern I've had in the wrong box for the last 6-10 years, I am convinced that the 10 year old pattern was chosen because it was a classic on the order of the one on the Brunswick pamphlet.  I'm not kidding.  I was not skilled enough in high school to have tackled it, but I would have wanted to in the worst way.  Inspirations don't always happen from thin air, you know.
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