13 June 2005

Little steps to FO's

This morning I did a couple of those little things that seem to take no time when they've been done yet loom large when they're staring at you with that FINISH ME ALREADY glare.

I grafted the second toe. Bach socks dove into the drawer and kicked out three pairs of old wool socks (purchased) I'd been wearing for several winters over other socks despite the gaping holes I imagined I'd darn. I don't know why I thought kitchener would be so daunting. I may yet get the hang enough to do it without propping open the resource book for the visual aids.

Stitched on the i-cord and buttons for the boucle swing jacket. Must steam the seams which run up the top of the arm. (Fronts and back were knit up with half a sleeve. Shoulder seams run down the arms, underarm seams curve down to become side seams.) Hoping that the finished sweater will fling out a couple old cardigans which I just don't wear, what with my having aged out of them.

Must go run some life errands. Bank calls and laundry leers.

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