27 June 2005

Ribs in the Round

Must admit, I was torn. I spent several hours Saturday leafing through every magazine and book on the shelves PLUS one more from the library to see what clever pattern inspiration I'd find (in the newly swatched gauge) beside just doing the big old ribbed pullover in Simply Beautiful Sweaters or whatever that book is. The search for something like that but naturally gave way to doing the first one in the first place.

I sorted out the sizing, convinced myself that sizing divided by gauge equalled fit I could stand. No more torn there than the usual angst about mid-life sizing.

I began on the whopping long straights, convinced that I wanted the consistency of thickness for the gauge, some old-fashioned aluminum clicking, yaddita-yaddita. Knit 4 inches of the Front (or the back) and one band of Peace Fleece turning into Noro. Lovely. Took a break and control freak set in. What would the irrepressibly random and slow color changing in the Noro do by the time I reached the Back (or the front)? More importantly, would I be able to stand it if I didn't LIKE the seam at the sides abrupt shift in colors, even if it is a multi-hued band of multi-hued plies?

Right. In the round it would be. Or could be. I could swap the old-fashioned aluminum for the 20-30 year old nylon circ. But wasn't there a hitch about ribs in the round?

Found E. Zimmerman, guru of round. No warnings there, but not much big old rib, either. I looked at the recent Bach socks, ribs listing ever so slightly. SO. Gave it a whirl.

Monday? It definitely lists. More so in the Peace fleece, which holds its own more than the wifty Noro. I'm deciding that I'll want to rethink this strategy on the next big old ribbed sweater, but I'll live with it for now. After a little tugging, the gauge is loose enough that the ribs square up a bit, so I'll warrant some blocking and some living, and voila. Fingers crossed.

I don't know what I think about the sleeves or the top of the sweater. I can think about that tomorrow.

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