25 March 2009

How'd this happen?

I have very little on the needles.

I'm making Anna Bell's Old Shale Baby Blanket for a gift. This is an active project.

I've moved the Malabrigo Buenos Aires pattern cardigan into gift land - my mother requested a sweater, first time ever, and this was exactly what she was describing. She's even seen the sweater in progress and approves of the colors for her wardrobe.
I need to revisit the condition of this UFO and see what I need to do next. It could move into active project land soon. We're not holding our breath for completion here. Fall could be fine.

I've two other UFO sweaters in what Elizabeth of Sable calls hibernation.

I've wound up yarn for a pair of socks for an aunt I have two aunts on the sock list now, which is fun. Really. I'm not under pressure. One is always cold, and the other lives way the heck up north, where weather is almost always cold.

Seriously, though, the last 12 items I made were gifts.
How'd that happen? TWELVE.

I'm due for a knit for myself.
Trouble is, I can't think what it should be.

Swatched instead of knitting the blanket last night.
Moved some yarn around, since I needed to find the small computer bag I had in a bin behind the yarn bins. This because I bought myself a very small computer.

Seriously. First computer purchase EVER.
How'd THAT happen?


Marcy said...

Goodness! Make something for yourself certainly.
What kind of computer?

Batty said...

You're definitely next in line for some handknit goodness! 12... that's a lot.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

You could knit your new computer a case. You need never knit for yourself again!