08 April 2009

Elizabeth Said Use Pictures

Elizabeth said she saves pictures for occasions where blog life needs a little poke. I've been too long away. Can't and shouldn't spare the time to blog much today. You can click them to make them bigger. I'm posting hastily.

However, I can admit that I'm thinking about yarn.

Handmaiden Sea Silk
Classic Elite Beatrice
Lorna's Laces Blue Jean
Habu Stainless Silk


Bonnie said...

Wow, you should have been my mother's daughter... Beautiful blog, beautiful things!

jpknits said...

You can say that, but we both know your mum is pretty pleased to have the daughter you are!

Bonnie said...

I do know that... but she would be ever so pleased if I would really become a rabid knitter - or at least crocheter. Well, the day may come... meanwhile I'm enjoying appreciating the work of those of you who are the "real thing"!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I would so trade you for the Handmaiden sea silk. What do you want for it. Would you like a new cat? Well, not exactly new, but new to you.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely yarn. Wasn't that easy?