25 October 2005

Over the top.

I received a completely unnecessary and thoroughly delightful thank you package from thomasina yesterday. I thought I was getting an unsolicited book, and here the package to be picked up was a gift.

At first blush I squealed with perfect delight at the unexpected gift. As I opened it I gaped in awe. Two gorgeous specialty truffles. A slim notebook adorned with a print of a painted tabby. We could stop there. But no. A richly colored hank of Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn. A package of handmade stitch markers and a row counter.


Fingerless mitts. Perfect fit. Beautiful Cherry Tree whatsit and I've forgotten (goldfish memory moment) mohair. Cabled ribs. Wore them home in the cool damp evening. Decided I couldn't wear them this morning because my rain jacket has velcro, and there shall be no unnecessary snagging.

Even the postcard is adorable and PERFECT. It is in my new office space on the wall, which is why I can't tell you the name of the yarn, as it's in the other building. (Office east has computer, office west has clean desk.) And by the time I got back to careful reading of the note ON the card, the eyes welled up. Moved.

I can't do pictures or links to thomasina's webpage right now. Too much thinking. All I can do is type and gush. Gushing? Over the top maybe. The thank you? Thomasina, you've gone above and beyond. I'm moved. Thank you for your kindness. And it came at absolutely the PERFECT time.

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thomasina said...

So happy it came at a good time, and you enjoyed it - guess it was meant for the right card to show up before sending it off. More to follow in email - the only downside to the card was that there was not enough space to write.