31 October 2005

Accesories Junkie

That's what I dressed as for Hallowe'en, an accessories junkie: black clothes, for the better appreciation of the accessories; pearly & gold victoriana brooch;
50's/60's school teacher sweater guard, also pearly & gold;
dangly target faux pearl earrings, very early 90's;
long black gloves, cloth, topped with a twined pearl necklace as a bracelet OVER the gloves;
red crinkle silk-like scarf;
topped with a straw hat with loverly red silk poppies and other festive red flora.

I took off the necklace I'd had on before I left the house, so as to tastefully avoid wearing too much and thus be tacky.

AND, the accessories are MINE ALL MINE, well, inherited, some, but NOT from the costume shop. Could a proper accessories junkie do


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