10 October 2005

Confession: I shop around

When I go out of town in a big way - out of state, out of region, out of the country - I love to go grocery shopping. I will purchase the most mundane little treats for myself that would be on the import or specialty aisles at home. Heck, I even traipse across the metropolitan area via differing paths so I can hit the Polish markets, the Korean markets, etc.

Today I realized I am nearing the end of part of my Canadian tea stash. And it's about as mundane as you please. President's Choice herbal teas. Oh sure, there's SOME Pres. Choice stuff avail. through one of the markets here, but NOT the TEAS & TISANES. Ginger Peach. Sniff. I don't even LIKE peach flavored things, but I really liked that one. Fortunately I still have a bit of the Cranberry and some of the little round cannisters of Tetley's.

However, I will be a good sport and be glad that I can't get everything here. Globalized marketing, that omnipresent McGap's StarSecret drives me more nuts. I'll be looking forward to my next trip to Toronto, that's for dang sure.

Oh yes. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
I shall be dreaming of lovely squash soup.

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