08 February 2006

Remembering and forgetting

Such a goofy day today is.

I left home feeling like a packhorse, toting everything I needed to transfer to work today hoping I was remembering everything. I remembered the tote bag with work projects needed for the day, vowing to remember not to take so much tomorrow if I won't actually use it. This was the case last evening, and the bag was impossibly heavy. SO.

I remembered the items I promised I'd photo for some knittyheads. I remembered my lunch and supper, packing a lovely thermos of squash soup and a container of two not-quite-ratatouille filled spinach tortillas. On my mother's recent visit, she brough leftovers of some basque influenced recipe using thin slices of celeriac. We tote food a lot. (Hey, she was going to be away from home for more than a week. Waste not, etc.) I must say it made a lovely little lunch, now that I've wolfed down the tortillas and saved the soup for supper.

Where was I? Oh, I remember.

I remembered to bring some knitting for some between things waiting I have later this evening. Remembered to turn off the stove, lock doors, etc.

Forgot to dress for winter. Hat? Scarf? Boots? Snow?!?

But I do have the moment to act upon remembering to post this yarn for a knitty's perusal. Extra bonus? I actually have yarn pR0n for a Wednesday.
This would be CTH Glitter Alpaca Java:

This would be CTH Glitter Alpaca African Grey

And I was careful to be candid with another knitty about whether or not she'd want these very small metal dpns. She's declined and was glad for the candour which helped her determine her needs - but I'm posting them anyway - because I couldn't BELIEVE how tough it was for me to consider parting with them. I am SUCH a keeper and rememberer. I like that these vintage needles lived for a long, long time in Minnesota. They probably heard a lot of Swedish or Norwegian. (Found them in St. Peter.)

They also serve as an interesting and stained reminder of exactly why stainless steel was such a big deal. (That's a half strip of staples, snagged for hasty effort to provide scale...)

And I've remembered to bring the niece poncho to mail, but I've forgotten the card. Ugh.

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