20 February 2006

Can't post - Must knit

What a crazy week it's been. I've done a little mid-day blog hopping to see the Olympic projects and updates. Impressive knitters, the lot of them!

Me, I'm tooling along. Worked a bit on a sweater. Finished up a pair of socks since I couldn't be at home with the sweater on opening weekend. Packaged up the kid poncho and the grab-bag socks for mailing. (From the sounds of it, I could be keeping fine company with the assortment of FO and UFO knitting teams!) Did some other small knitting on jury-duty day. (Knitting in the assembly room only, but since that's the ONLY place I WAS, I got a bunch done.) Since I couldn't be at home to see much of the Olympics this week, either, I soothed myself with a little extra sock knitting, two types, both (ahem) for me.

No pictures today. Must grab a bite to eat and then go to a rehearsal where I will be knitting one of those portable projects, WISHING I could get home soon enough to work on the sweater.

Can't stay. Must knit.

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Lynda said...

I've added you to Count Your Socks - thanks for joining!