27 February 2006

Finishing & trying: Win and Win

My day has finished up earlier than expected, so I'm heading home to knit.

I didn't finish my abandoned sweater, but by knitting along with the knitting olympics, my oh my did I win anyway.

The first week of the Olympics saw the finishing of two gift projects (photos/links to be inserted here later), as mentioned in the last entry. I made headway on two new pairs of socks, zipped halfway through an indulgent bit of scarf for myself, AND that was the portable knitting.

I finished knitting the single cable sweater with Rowan Bramble and had it blocked and half seamed by the closing ceremonies (Torino time).

AND by the end of NBC's late night Sunday broadcast, I had reclaimed, as self-challenged, the peace fleece & Noro sweater. Both sleeves have now progressed up through to the elbow, the body is within two inches of the underarm. Today I found some good resource patterns on Knitty for working out the shoulder questions (raglan, drop, etc.)

These weeks could not have seen any other type of knitting challenge in the home of towering textiles, but this indeed was the perfect match. I did finish things, and like walking the marathon, I'll enjoy finishing the rest while I get there.

The packages landed, I'll wear the Bramble this week, and I can't wait to get home tonight to get over the elbows on the Peace Fleece. Congratulations to the knitters who gave it their all. I'll enjoy admiring the projects and stories I'll find over the next weeks. And I'll enjoy that kind of knitting intensity when school is out. The past 16 days I gave the knitting what I had to give, and that suits me just fine.

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