25 July 2005

Blessed soles

I finished the Fiesta socks this morning. I've got to get ready for a conference. This also means that there must be packing of knitting project for conference. And culling of internet info about yarn shops in San Francisco. Photo, though a bit dim, was magically added as of August.

Saw a nice note in Weekend Knitting comparing the luxury of handknitted socks to nice lingerie. Nobody else but you might know how nice they are, but that doesn't mean they're not worth the having - or the knitting. Half deciding to use the Mountain Colors worsted in steelhead sent by the stunning secret pal from knittysp4! Of course, it's not nylon reinforced or superwash, so I'll reinforce what I wish and handwash them. Need to match up a pattern, if so. The last socks have been a smaller weight.

We'll see in August what I've done. Don't really feel like taking a full sweater project. Besides, I took a leap of faith and pitched most of the holey store-bought wool socks I've been wearing as 2nd pair socks for 2-3 winters. (Why, oh WHY do we let ourselves limp along on holey socks and ratty undies?!?) (I see another cleaning frenzy in August....)


erica said...

Your socks look great! I love the yarn.

jpknits said...

Thanks! I seem not to remember to bring the wrapper with me to the computer. I'll have to identify the yarn properly shortly.