13 July 2005

I couldn't believe it either

While I was running between places out of state, I took an extra little run out to a new yarn shop I'd heard about through online resources. I hadn't had coffee or breakfast and it was about lunch time.

I made three slow passes through the store, looking at all areas, not really looking for anything in particular. I fondled, I flipped, I read labels, I took things off shelves, I replaced with care.

I left without spending a dime. Realized that no one had really approached me. I had a hi and a smile from the coffee meister when she thought I was lurking at that counter. See, here I thought I preferred to browse unpestered, hover-free. Turns out I'm bit more susceptible to staff/customer interactions than I thought. I might not think I want much, but touching base with this customer might have kept me from staying at arms length.

Bought Critter Coffee at the end of the shopping area. (I don't want to name names. Did I manage?) Who'd have thought it possible?

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