22 July 2005

Notes - children and socks

If you haven't been over to knitty lately, stop by to take note of a wonderfully engaging conversation about having and not having children in this thread on the knittyboard! I'm incredibly impressed with the wealth of responses, the receptive and accepting tone of the contributions.

Recently, in a box of childhood stuff re-claimed when packing up my mother for her retirement move, I found a cute, self-illustrated note my young (junior high) aunt wrote to me, a niece 5 years her junior. I remember that she used to write me quite often. We both did. I'm jumping back onto the letter writing bandwagon. My nieces and nephew are just at the perfect letter writing age. Time for Auntie to get back to her formerly prolific letter-writing habits. This is what all those fun office supplies are for!

On a sock note:
Nearly done with the Fiesta Socks. Hit the first row of the toe decreases for sock one. Skipped over to sock 2 to catch up the foot to the same point. I'm feeling confident about my sock making and have decided not to follow the Norling pattern for the toes - skipping over to a Jawoll pattern which has a lovely rounded toe with graduated decreases distributed all 'round.

Also (gulp) caved in to internet shopping and ordered a little bit of the solid sock wool from Knitpicks. Want to make a secret present. Shh. Secret.

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