23 September 2007

Say goodbye to the sweater!

Elizabeth's good sense was just what I needed to hear.

When I read the posts on the occasional blog or board thread that raise an eyebrow at those of us have acquired a little yarn here and there, I think quietly to myself, ah, but you don't know what FRUGAL thinking is at the core of all this.... Because I really do tend toward the use and reuse. Why do you think I learned to sew and knit in the first place? Time-honored traditions of making do, making things well, etc., run deep in my family. Some time I will tell the layered stories of thrift in this quilt.

So this sweater.

See the spot in the front cable? Okay, I notice the discolorations more in person, it's true.

I had also started to think about making it into a bag, but there would still be an unnecessary amount of time spent on it. I'd thought through using rings at the neckline, zigzagging and steeking the sides of the neckline, as it was knit circularly, opening up the shoulder seams, lining...... all for a bag there's no guarantee I'd really like and use.

Two days ago I moved a bunch of binders from an office space I hadn't finished clearing. Found a publicity picture of me in that sweater. That was a LONG time ago. I don't care how quickly I shape up, I don't think I'll wear that sweater again. Sleeves are too long anyway.

Thrift sounds wise. I wore it plenty. Easily there were 4 years of wear, and I did wear it in all seasons. If I'd bought it at Target, I'd consider it fair game for the thrift donation pile. It's no heirloom. It doesn't need the drawer space.

Elizabeth's right. I have perhaps invested all the time needed in that one cone of yarn. I think I picked up the original for less than five. Good sale.

I'll say goodbye. It'll go to the thrift store when the bag of thrift is full. (When I have something to donate, I start a bag near the front door. As soon as I fill it, I drop it off. I see the bag often enough that filling it quickly is added incentive.) If someone feeling even more frugal needs to rescue it, speak up soon.

22 September 2007

Sprucing up

I'm so proud: I figured out how to get the little button things into the sidebar. They are as I had them before.
(I certainly don't have great scads of html finesse.)

I've whitewashed the joint, too. And the font is bigger.
We'll see what I think.

To tell the truth, I'm not overly fond of the crowding of one sentence atop the other. Looks like I don't know how to add any space after a period.

19 September 2007

Along the Way

I've been thinking about some long-lived and or long-ago projects.
Mistakes Along the Way. Felt too critical.
Lessons Learned Along the Way. Felt too preachy.
Short and sweet is what I've decided.
Besides, I don't think they're done traveling, yet.

This magazine. 1994.

This pattern. Adrienne Vittadini.

A budget fit for a cone of Kitchen Cotton.

A few fitting problems. Overestimated how much I needed to lengthen the sleeves.

You know, of course, that there was NO drape here. It could stand alone.

I wore it anyway. It was loose, anyway. I took up less space.
And then I forgot and washed it RIGHT after the local municipality did one of the annual spring hydrant flushes. The stains are mostly gone, but I can't get them all out. Haven't decided what to do with this, but something needs to be done. Did I mention I made this within recent publication of that 1994 magazine? Yep. And did I mention I've moved away from that same municipality oh, several years ago? It has been in a drawer, awaiting some fate or sign of progress.

I thought about frogging, hastily dyeing, and using it for floor-rug fodder. I also came up with another idea this morning. I really shouldn't touch it, though, for awhile.

I just felt like posting its story. I used to knit with abandon. I learned stuff from it. I did a couple sweaters with a lot of cabling. It's not all the measly stuff I seem to be posting most of the time.

I must be hearing the siren call of the cable.
I'll have to stay strong for a little while, anyway.
I have a few other things to do along the way.

Better on Size 4's

I'm enjoying the Tuscany pattern much better on size 4's than it was looking over here, in this previous post.

18 September 2007



Yarn is Fiesta Boomerang. Colorway is Poppies. Purchased 3 skeins. Used 2 and a half, or a little more.Knit on size US 8 .

Meanwhile, I've resolved my issues with the Conjoined Creations Pastimes. Knitting on a size US 4 is working much, much better.

15 September 2007

How can you not love a good name?


I'm too stubborn to go shopping for short circs.
I'll muddle through with dpns just fine.
For the record.

Labor Day Knitting

Yes, yes, yes. I'm aware we're mid-September. No more from you, you blog-voice of absence-guilt.

I was knitting in early September. I've thought about several posts, but times demanded my attention. Some of the projects are done, even. Here's a taste.

So the blog has holes. So did the knitting. So to speak.

04 September 2007

Where I've been when I haven't been home knitting...

I copycat this from Costumechick who posted similarly a couple of weeks ago.

It's a fitting post following a weekend where I enjoyed traveling exactly nowhere. I do mean that. It was nice to nest and to knit.

Bold = Been There
Italics = Lived There

Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas / California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois / Indiana / Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / Louisiana / Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan / Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana / Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / North Carolina / North Dakota / Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon / Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Carolina / South Dakota / Tennessee / Texas / Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming / Washington D.C /

Some of these were choir tours long, long ago. I may have been in Kansas, but if I only drove through it and can't remember stopping anywhere, I shouldn't include it. Similarly, Delaware. Probably drove through it a bunch of times. Never stopped enough to count.

New York is grey area. Didn't have residence there, but I earned many pathetic and pitiful paychecks there, so I count it lived.