19 September 2007

Along the Way

I've been thinking about some long-lived and or long-ago projects.
Mistakes Along the Way. Felt too critical.
Lessons Learned Along the Way. Felt too preachy.
Short and sweet is what I've decided.
Besides, I don't think they're done traveling, yet.

This magazine. 1994.

This pattern. Adrienne Vittadini.

A budget fit for a cone of Kitchen Cotton.

A few fitting problems. Overestimated how much I needed to lengthen the sleeves.

You know, of course, that there was NO drape here. It could stand alone.

I wore it anyway. It was loose, anyway. I took up less space.
And then I forgot and washed it RIGHT after the local municipality did one of the annual spring hydrant flushes. The stains are mostly gone, but I can't get them all out. Haven't decided what to do with this, but something needs to be done. Did I mention I made this within recent publication of that 1994 magazine? Yep. And did I mention I've moved away from that same municipality oh, several years ago? It has been in a drawer, awaiting some fate or sign of progress.

I thought about frogging, hastily dyeing, and using it for floor-rug fodder. I also came up with another idea this morning. I really shouldn't touch it, though, for awhile.

I just felt like posting its story. I used to knit with abandon. I learned stuff from it. I did a couple sweaters with a lot of cabling. It's not all the measly stuff I seem to be posting most of the time.

I must be hearing the siren call of the cable.
I'll have to stay strong for a little while, anyway.
I have a few other things to do along the way.


Elizabeth said...

I think frogging would be a shame and not really worth the time for Kitchen Cotton. Kitchen Cotton costs $10 a cone and you would probably spend more than 2 hours frogging.

So, maybe give it to a thrift shop? or keep in a drawer forever?

jpknits said...

See, now, that's the kind of clarity I'm needing just now.

Can I borrow you for a week?