05 November 2007

Is there an end?

Not to my projects, at the moment. I seem to be starting several things while giving a nod to the ongoing projects. Plowed straight into a Le Slouch for a friend who's been an absolute gem about helping me with some costume projects from season to season. I'm at least a quarter of the way done, if not a third. The weather just shifted with a big blast of wind, so it's appropriate to be tending to hats and cuddly sweaters and gift giving that may or may not be on the horizon.

So goes the transition of the seasons. I spent all the hot months avoiding knitting the ultra cozy, potentially fuzzy things. Heat and alpaca? Not so much.

I'm knitting a few minutes in the morning, a few minutes in the evening, and on the weekend I sneak in a little more.

Discardian (Metagrrrl's Project Blog from 2006) posted this useful admonition:
"Don't let the blur of movement try to replace one elegantly completed task."

It's lovely. It's posted visibly in my work area. I sometimes mind it. Often I simply lust for the possibility.

I think I shall go home and knit on the hat. I'm leaving the rest of the work here. It'll be here tomorrow. I may not be able to finish one task elegantly tonight, but I can at least indulge in a half an hour of focus and then get some sleep.

There may not be an end today, but I can find some time to pause and to pretend.

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