03 November 2007

Beyond Thrift

Do you think a person can be too thrifty?

This quilt, which now lives within another piece of thrift, has layers of history.
Pictured is a glimpse of the reverse side, in which I borrowed and honored the traditional approaches of the quilters of Gee's Bend. I stitched up the leftovers, whacked them down the middle, and stitched them up again. It was very freeform. (I was pretty impressed with my bravery.)

One of the pieces of thrift within the thrift was this old shirt. Either my sister or I had made the oxford shirt in the first place. I forget whose it was, but we were both pretty thorough about our shirt making back then. This shot features one section with the pocket sewn facing into the quilt.

More another day. I have other pennies to pinch.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Very cool.

I've been hoarding my husband's worn out shirts for a while now, a lot of plaid cottons in blues and greys, with the idea of making a Chinese Coin quilt. I guess I should stop thinking and start sewing, huh?