26 August 2007

As for updating blog templates... AIYEEE!

Last week I had every intention of tidying up the blog by switching to the updated templates. This widget thing has me perplexed, though. I could set up the lists, sure, but I when it came to the links for rings, the photos for those, and the like, I became stumped. I reverted to the previous template.

I may need a tutor. Maybe in September. It would be nice to access the updated template features for easier strolling through past issues. Not that this blog is a fount of tutorial knowledge or anything.... I just didn't want to be a bad Ring Citizen and update without including the Ring links.


Elizabeth said...

Every time I try to upgrade to the new blogger layouts, I end up going back because I can't figure out a fast, easy way to paste in the stuff I want to keep from my old blogger template.

The only thing I really want from the new one is the spiffy expandable archives, and I can't figure out where the code is hidden so I can just copy and paste it in my old template.

jpknits said...

This is a comfort to hear, Elizabeth. Because underlying all of this is the fact that I'd MUCH rather knit! :)

Next I'll have to figure out how to reply to my email where I get your blog response. Until then, I'll reply here.

Queen of the froggers said...

I am totally technophobic but I find the new blogger easier. I think someone helped me though. Sorry, if I knew how to do it I would help!