21 March 2007

Nothing but Knitting

Have been home, sick. Ventured out today.

For several days, nothing has been on the actualized agenda but soup and tea and toast and sleep and knitting. Outings have been spare: vet appts, quick runs to stores. Really an average of an errand per day since Friday.

Oh, and great bags of tissue to toss out.

But I've been knitting. Sewed the button on calorimetry and wore it today. Over half done with the first of two messenger bags for nieces. Started an Argosy Wrap.

Camera's been with the computer, so no pictures. About time to head home.
I think I'll watch some films I need to view for work. Matzoh balls in the soup tonight, I think.

Nothing else but knitting.

1 comment:

LadyLungDoc said...

Oh dear - hope you feel better soon. Your tea will be in the mail by Thursday