05 March 2007

Holding Pattern

Funny where patterns are found. I've put an awful lot of things together for just a moment, and then they just seem to stay in place, temporarily marked and ready for the next step. Plenty of knitting and sewing UFO's abound. Then there's the basket of stuff from a clearing of the desktop, the drawer that gets ignored, the button that needs replacing. Should really ditch that turtleneck with the catclawed holes just over the breast (yes, ouch, but last year's ouch) but I'll wash it again and put it back in the drawer for that desperately cold day.

This pin and a few of its brethren have been marking spots on this easy-peasy sewing project for over a week.

Life can acquire an awful lot of things stuck in holding patterns, even if the tasks yet to be done don't require much finishing time. To be truthful, though, I can't feel too guilty. I've been getting a lot done elsewhere.

Blogging? A different holding pattern there. It's with sighs heard round the internet that some beloved blogs are on hiatus, sabbatical, or are simply quiet. I find that fascinating. There are as many reasons to refocus, to step away from the computer, and to pursue what needs to be pursued as there are to post in the first place. And I'll be as delighted as can be when the holding patterns shift.

No big finish here. I'll just stick a pin in it and come back when I can.

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