16 March 2006

Steps forward, Steps back

Picture updates didn't include an actual update. The pewter project is done. It's scarf scale - only two skeins of the yarn, over a foot wide and over 7 feet in length. Picture later, but I've worn it for a few days. Lovely and understated.

Stitched up a sleeve of the bramble cable this morning and discovered that the sleeves really should be longer.

Will undo tomorrow or Saturday so I can undo the bind-offs and lengthen the cuffs. SO glad I did the provisional cast on with the sleeves so I could tackle the cuffs in this manner. The real bother will be the spit splices. For each join there are three - one for each color in the twist.

Not happy about this extra snowy stretch of Winter to Spring, but it'll make for nice knitting time.

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