21 March 2006

Did I mention?

I finished the Bramble Cable. Sweater there. Camera here. Picture later.

Side note: I'd have a Seuss Sock finished, too, had I paid attention to the amount of yarn the first pair of Jawoll socks took. Those were made in pre-journaling, pre-knittyboarding, pre-blogging days. Yarn was purchased in Maine. Seems I bought three skeins of one colorway and two of another. I have knit a nice leg length, a satisfactory heel, and skein one ends nicely RIGHT before the ball of the foot. There will be creative solutions to the rest of the foot. Not sure if I want to introduce another color or stick with the colors in the rest of the sock. At least the matching reinforcement yarn will add some continuity to the whole handmade and handknit affair!

Since I bought some Jawoll recently in Wisconsin in the same 2-skein portions, I thought about contacting the shop there to see if they have remaining skeins of the yarns I picked up. Or not. It would be wise, after all, to use what I have. If not, I'll be having a lot of creative socks. Maybe these will go Toe up and have substantial and contrasting cuffs. I'm just not much of a short sock person. One of a kind socks for me!

Meanwhile, I've started the second Seuss Sock. Thank goodness for all those thriftstore sock needles.

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Lisa P said...

You know, I think it's time for me to hit the thrift store in search of needles too. I am desperate for some more sock needles!

One can never have too many pairs of socks going at once says I. :P