17 March 2006

Knitting and naming

Last night? I stood in as a dresser, so I had backstage knitting progress on the self striping sock up until the point where I wished I had the reinforcement yarn with me. Ah, that striped Jawoll reinforcement yarn makes me smile!

Moved along to the brown sugar walker, which had had a frog back of two inches the other day for a couple misplaced decreases and increases. Only so much zigzagging that sock needs.

Oh. And I was told the self striping sock looked like a Seuss hat. You guessed it. They are now officially Seuss socks. You've just attended the naming ceremony.

This morning I undid the Bramble cable sleeve stitching, undid the bind offs and knit longer cuffs.
I kept myself steady as I started to consider the wisdom and longevity and trendiness of the flared cuffs. I did not frog back. Tomorrow, the last of the stitch up, I'm thinking.

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