22 November 2005

Project obsessions

Interesting to look sideways at the project I've been starting and frogging and starting and frogging for 20 minute stretches most mornings and evenings this week.

I need another hat. I have two, and the one quick knit I adored fell into a puddle and BLOOMED. (Hadn't washed it, so this became it's first wash.) It falls over my face. I wear a large hat size, but this is a bucket.

Finished a scarflet of Malabrigo worsted from mittenfarce and thought the leftover a suitable piece of a quick hat. Not enough, of course, but accent worthy. Add in some little tastings of homespun from soapfibergal. Still shy of yardage, of course. The rest of the airplane sock wool thought it looked nice with them. Of course, it's a much thinner worsted than the Malabrigo worsted. (Both worsted, it's true.) Last night, from the depths of a box sprung the oddball of bluespruce Green Mountain from a cable sweater done years and years ago. This morning I remembered another bit of teal that may be thin worsted, may be thinner.

I have a band on the hat that makes a rib of the gioia scarf stitch pattern. I'm striping it as whim carries me. I took the 76 trombones / stitches format from some recent IK and will PRAY that it fits. Given the relax of the malabrigo, I may be fine.

Anyway, I'm curious to see what the hat tells me it will be.

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