25 November 2005

The Hat Spoke

"Quirky," it said. "Dumpy but warm."

I have a lovely dumpy little hat of blues and greens. I am wearing it even now, as the office is chilly, and I'm just conscientious enough to not turn up the heat when I should really head for home.

I shall take pics in the morning. In spite of best efforts to use up yarn, I still have a little bit of three of the five yarn bits that went into the hat. Not in the mood for a lengthy stocking cap. Still. Leftovers? Maybe I need mittens. Wonder what I have that could pair up with the leftovers to make up mittens. Solid and quick but with leftover interest at the cuffs?

Goodness, how alarming. One very nice little scarflet now has a quirky but dumpy hat that doesn't REALLY go with it, per se, and I now scheme about mittens? Perhaps it's because I have so much ELSE to do.

On the one project out, one project up front, I committed instantly this morning to frogging the Big as a Bucket hat. I shall be reknitting. I really enjoyed that little hat, and it HAS a scarf to match. I want it back, just not as bucket-y.

Tonight, though, there shall be dinner, wine, and sewing.

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