11 September 2005

Hmong handiwork

During the summer there was an interesting conversation on the knitty coffeeshop board regarding the integration of Hmong refugees into midwest communities.

At the time I mentioned that I had long ago purchased a piece of pandau. Pardon me for using the anglicized spelling, but it's the one I remember right now. The woman who was selling her handiwork was a resident of the uptown area of Chicago. I remember that the church held an artist's reception for her, which I thought was appropriate. I was a college student and counted this my first purchase of art.


DomesticOverlord said...

Good lord is that gorgeous! Definately an art purchase. May I ask what it cost? Truly amazing. I'm always floored by textiles though.

Thanks for the haiku comment on my blog, now I almost like the awful socks. Almost.

kryorkill said...

art is what is made
when love and skill procrate
birth creates textiles

jpknits said...

I think I paid $50, domesticoverlord. It would have been in the mid or late 80's, decade-wise. I was either a student or a recent graduate, so it felt like a big expense, and it felt fine to be paying the artist herself.

Glad you enjoyed!