09 September 2005


I have finished the airplane socks. Airport socks? Alas, how quickly the memory fades. But the socks are gorgeous, George. Wait til you see. And you will have to wait. I have no pictures. Too much life going on right now.

I have finished the project for the sp4 and returned the library book from whence the pattern came. MAIL. MUST SHIP. GAH. Thank goodness we've been in contact and she assures me she's patient.

Those done, I have made more progress on the Cambio. Needed something smaller for choir rehearsals and Bach, which starts up Sunday. Not able to determine anything clever, I have begun a lovely little scarf from another library loan (Scarf Style, just looking, I said.) Using the lovely warm reddish Silky Wool from the first package mittenfarce sent for knittysp4 in a variation of the Vintage Velvet scarf. I like the idea of the reversable (k1p1) cable. As I'm making this a one skein scarflet, I decided to make it extra slim and pared off some of the extra border ribs. I figured this would be a nice way to play with the Lavold Silky Wool, as it must be well suited to cabling. Haven't done cables in awhile. Whomped through two mega-cably sweaters some years ago and haven't wandered back. Made an error already (extra row or two) and have decided it will be part of the art.

As for art, will have to post later some of the t-shirt knitting fun I intend to be having (with others, no less) for some costume work. Tomorrow, t-shirt dying, I think. Monday and Tuesday, we cut them up.

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