22 March 2017

Not Fancy, Merely Finished

Seriously have been knitting (and crocheting) the less than fancy, not particularly challenging pathways lately. Still, some things are done.

To be fair - still pleased. This is a decent amount of progress, some old stash moved out, and all of it gifts moving out.

After all, Towering Textiles did MOVE this year, residentially speaking. I carried all the yarn myself. It was a zen thing. I needed to own the responsibility, and I didn't want to purge the stash. I was clearing out a lot of everything else, including about one third of the fabric. (Note - the fabric bins in the photo are not the ones in my home.). Nope, I said, I am looking forward to using it.

Use is use. My life needs calm, and calmer crafting right now is the simple stuff. Garter stitch, little gifts.

And yes, I did make a new garter stitch dishcloth first thing when I moved. Did I say that already? Not fancy - but just fine with me.

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