14 February 2017

Life Beyond Blogs

I know they are identified as passe, these poor old blogs.

Truly, though, I miss them.  In these days of all the drama that passes for interaction and all the clickbait that passes for news, I miss them even more.

Life may have moved beyond blogs.  I still confess, though, that I follow many.  I want to hear about the life beyond the blogs.  I even want to hear the messiness that some seem to object to:  the truth that human beings living in communities will have opinions about communities and may take action based on those opinions.

I'm even a little bummed for the folks who seem to need to demand the escapism of "blogs beyond life."  How dare they, some folks protest, how dare someone post an opinion about politics on their Instagram or podcast or blog - we came here for the distraction.  

I don't know that I"m going anywhere grand with this.  I will just be glad of the folks that are willing to share.  I am thankful of the folks that recognize and value the life beyond blogs.  I'm living outside of them, and I'm thankful they are mindfully doing so, too.

I needed a small moment on a tiny soap box.  It wasn't important, and it won't rattle anyone's life nor distract from their distractions.

Ooh look.  Knitting.   (Wow, my pictures have gotten worse...)

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Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I just spent about 3 days reading through my entire blog. I'm glad I did. I think I learned some things. My last entry was in 2013. As soon as I finished October, 2006--first entry, I clicked on Great Towering Textiles because I know you still blog. I appreciate that you do.
I have to admit I didn't read this entire post because my eyes are killing me right now, but I'll come back.