16 February 2013

Meanwhile, From Main Street USA, Sock Progress

In another cafe, but this time in Galesburg Illinois. I had to be out of town last night, so I am having a La De Dah day on my way home today. I am so close to finishing these socks!

A little coffee, a little housemade meatloaf panini for which the tobasco waits, marble table tops and woven backed rattan cafe chairs all tell a delightfully jumbled tale of place.

I am having a really good small town mainstreet day trip. Bought seam rippers (to do list) at a small sewing center. Grocery shopped for a bit of local bakery bread and good cheese at the adjacent market.

I will even have a few minutes to knit on sock cuffs before my sunny February-cold afternoon drive. I should even be able to swing home, feed the cat, and get back to work for the evening event and cleanup.

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