15 February 2013

Hat Truths. Silly Me.

I have had a thing about hats most of my life.

I love hats....on other people.

My mother has a thing about hats. She doesn't like them to be too fussy, too tight, too high maintenance, and so on. If she didn't worry about the practical needs in cold weather, she wouldn't wear hats.

Last year I made a hat for my mother. a month later she gave it back to me as it really didn't suit her hat needs. No drama.

I found a much better match for the hat and passed it on to a good friend.

This year, on a month of winter travel, I packed yarn because I was tired of my hats.

I started knitting the hat finally on the last leg of travel.

I was not done with the hat in time to wear it for unusually snowy Storm in the UK.

I was not done with the hat until my last day in Dublin.

It turned out to be a great hat.

I was a little worried that when wet the yarn bloomed just a touch, making it a teensy bit looser in fit.

My mother took it home with her after her recent visit.

It turned out to be the perfect hat, good color, good coverage, not tight, happy mother, happy knitter.

I am still tired of my hats. Thankfully there is plenty of yarn at hand.

I think I know the root of my hat issues. I learned them from my momma.

The yarn and knitting issues are all mine.

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