13 November 2012

What Happened? When? Cleaning Questions

When you find a mess, do you need the backstory? Do you share the story? Do you hunt it down with questions? Why? Who did it?

I just looked at the blog. I had been in a habit of marking my knitting year with the start of a summer. Got away from me this summer. I don't think there's an interesting story in any of that.

Cleaning up: 
1 Pair Socks
Sunrise Blender  Sock  

1 Pair Gloves
Gorky Rustic Gloves

1 Garment
Baby Kimono - finished and gifted, though knit forever ago  

4 Scarves/Shawls
Dragon Lady Pogona Scarf
British Breakfront: a Frangiflutti scarf
Silver Square Scarf for nephew
A Sorta-Sontag (T.Y. Godey)

12 Hats
Linen Hat
2 Hats for Minneapolis Swatch Team 2011
Grey Bulky Hat
Entrelac hat
Urchin hat
Many Manly Hats, 6 actually

That cleans up the list on the side. It also leaves it pretty empty. I did a lot of sewing this summer instead, even if it was quick stuff. I'm not going to bother to add in all the links. If you stop by the blog often, you saw it and it's old news. Nothing very illuminating last year. The knitting was functional, and it did what I needed it to do, product and process.

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