05 September 2011

So International

The pattern designer is from Germany.

She gave the pattern an Italian name.

Frangiflutti. (Pattern on Ravelry.)

I picked up the yarn on a trip - Happy, by Wendy - at John Lewis in London.

So this is a British Breakfront. (Frangiflutti, translated, as I understand it.)

The yarn is bamboo - a little nylon for stability.
Really, you know, I think it looks kind of wabi-sabi.

Knitting details - used US 7 needles. Used up all but 2-3 yards.

It's now in a gift bag, ready to move on.

Enfin quoi?
(Oh this internet and it's fancy dictionaries....)


Fujiyamamama said...

Very lovely, and quite a conglomeration of cultures!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Do you need my home address? I'm looking that pattern up. I like it.