25 August 2011

About that Pagona post

My posting skills the other day were pretty sketchy. I lost part of the original post.

About that Pagona. The post title was not carried out in the post. I gave it away. (I also went back into the post to fix that.)

It did not need to be a scarf I should keep. It was the PERFECT prezzie for one of my costume grads. Even when I was knitting it, I kept thinking the color would REALLY suit her. And, as I said in the newly edited post, she's a good match for the spiky drama of a capelet sized Pagona.

Now knitting another giftie scarf out of Happy, a yarn from Wendy, the UK yarn distributer/manufacturer.

The pattern is Frangiflutti, an interesting little assymmetrical kerchief.

Almost done, actually. End of summer knitting push....


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

That picture makes me a little wooses (verification word) because I can't understand it visually. I hope you will grace us with the finished object picture.

Marcy said...

YES! I want your kohlrabi recipes. I am collecting.