18 January 2011

At Home

9. I am very much at home in my city. And I enjoy being a traveler at home.

I really like living in the Chicago area, for all its flaws.
It has complexity. It has down-to-earth and over-the-moon.

I grew up learning about neighborhoods through a lot of bus and el riding. I continue to work my way through all KINDS of neighborhoods. The city is on a grid and there are a few diagonals derived from old OLD stage coach and trading routes as well as more recent modes of travel. However, most places you go, you have to turn a corner somewhere. This allows for all kinds of interesting paths, if a body is inclined to seek them out. I typically do. For example, there's an excellent fabric resource near Little Village and Pilssen, where there are also excellent taquerias -- and more.

I drove to church Sunday and failed to get there. I was really late, and then I realized I NEEDED gas well before I WOULD get there. I jumped off the highway, found some place manageable, and found a new plan for the rest of my morning. Went instead in search of a Ukrainian bakery and deli I hadn't been to in awhile. Came away with a great loaf of still warm rye bread.

Spent the rest of my Sunday enjoying the comforts of home AT home.

10. Soup and tea and cat and blankets

With the amount of washing I currently need to do for the house of cat, cotton is just the thing. And as I shook my fist at my too-large quantity of yarn one weekend in summer, I am more than sure I have enough to make a cotton blanket. Worked for a bit on this while thinking about what I might want to knit next for more portable and wearable knitting.

While the cat watched me,

I watched the home team.

Next week also at home? Go Bears.

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julia1060 said...

oh my goodness - Jonesy has become a lovely old man! I miss you both, dear friend. Thinking of the Russian Tea Room and sending Idaho blessings for the next decade :-)