14 January 2011

10 Days, 50 Good Things (sorry, Martha, you'll have to share)

So here's the thing: I got my first piece of AARP junk mail just before the New Year.
Responses are mixed: a choreographer friend said "Mazel Tov"; I recycled the junk mail.

This is the week I've dreaded and rehearsed for months. As it happens, it would typically be something I would try to ignore. I wasn't going to entirely hide from it, but I could easily have given it the cold shoulder. Then over dinner with my cousin and a friend a suggestion of a weekend trip to mark the occasion surfaced. While it was an entertaining thought, logistics and timing didn't line up, but we're going to do a nice theatre evening instead. Looking forward to that.

Then tonight I thought of something. I need to treat myself better. In fact, I could do a lot better at that.

I'm giving myself 10 days, wrapping both weekends into the package.
I'm challenging myself to 50 good things. Do them, enjoy them, something.

Tonight begins it. I'm giving myself a proper cozy "early night" Friday night.

1) A somewhat decent spinach pizza

2) A glass or two of Cabernet

3) Knitting time - enough to finish a gift scarf.

Day one begins. Three good things.
I might have a piece of chocolate, but I'll throw that in for free.

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