17 May 2009

Lessons From Failure

1. If you really think you might not have enough yarn, you might be right.

2. If you swatch, you can risk believing your swatch.

3. Save the swatch to check later.

3. Wash the swatch so you won't be tempted simply to anticipate possible changes.

4. Note: If it fits the dress form that's much smaller than you, heed the message.

5. Move the yarn to other purposes.

6. Think about Not Knitting for a little bit.

7. Do something else.


I'm going to frog this. I already gave away a sweater that didn't fit. I'll repurpose some of the yarn.

Marcy, would you like three skeins of the light grey?


Marcy said...

Only if I can send something to you...

jpknits said...

We'll think about that part later.