17 February 2009

How to Schedule a Knitting Break

I googled the How-To language above on an impulse that might better have been used doing something else.

Not surprisingly, there are blog or journal notes from people taking a break FROM their currently frustrating knitting projects.

There are discussions of taking a break for wellness in a long stretch of otherwise uninterrupted knitting.

Here and there are a few sightings of other creative work done while knitting activity was on hiatus.

A few photos with feet up or tasty treats readily at hand speak to a nice holiday from everything, with knitting as the honored guest at the party.

Me, I need something of a lesson:

Why yes, I would love a little cheese with my whine.

Meanwhile, everything's fine here.
Pardon me if I indulge in this hasty dramaqueen moment.
I'm simply announcing to myself that my hyper-productive schedule has swung its pendulum too far from the knitting zone. I may have to make myself close the door and knit for a half hour when it's supposed to be suppertime.

Sometimes it helps to say it out loud.
It also helps to have a piece of chocolate.

1 comment:

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Chocolate is nice. So are you. Too bad a person can't knit while driving--or at least shouldn't. The good news is that you can eat chocolate while driving.