15 April 2008

What was I thinking?

I thought the yarn was red, in the packaging, in the late evening, in the shop.

In the light of day, this yarn is clearly pink.

I have a sock in progress and two other socks cast on ready to knit.

Clearly, I have the startitis.

I had barely a moment to catch a photo.

Clearly a call for the photographer's little helper.

However you look at it, one thing is clear:

Resistance Is Futile.


Elizabeth said...

It's very cheerful!

Reminded me of a story, though. In high school French class, our young male teacher showed up one day in a new shirt. It had vertical stripes, super-imposed with random contrasting dots. One of the other girls in the class was teasing him about why he chose such an ugly shirt. He told us (with some embarrassment) that the shirt had been wrapped in clear plastic and he assumed the dots were on the plastic, because who would put dots on a striped shirt. Gave us all a good laugh.

Batty said...

Yes, resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Or rather, you will be turned into an obedient servant of the Great Feline. Bow to the Great Feline. There, that's better.

You know what's even funnier than pink sock yarn? The academic robes at my alma mater are supposed to be crimson, but you know what color I see them as? Yes, pink. I don't know if I'm just color blind, but to me, they definitely look pink, or fuchsia, but not red.